We are DY Nutrition. 

We are here to help everyone change their game.

At DY Nutrition we are committed to helping everyone achieve life-changing improvements in their fitness, performance and health through our wide range of nutritional supplements– developed in collaboration with our founder, bodybuilding legend, Dorian Yates.

In the 1990s, Dorian Yates conquered the bodybuilding landscape, winning six consecutive Mr. Olympia titles and bringing a never-before-seen level of muscle mass that was coupled with unparalleled degrees of conditioning. Henceforth, he was crowned as ‘The Game Changer’.

But not only did he bring a supreme quality physique to the world, Dorian also went against the norm in terms of training too. Known for his brief, but brutally intense training sessions, Dorian himself used nutritional supplementation throughout his bodybuilding career and is a big believer in using only the best products available on the market.

We’ve changed the game again to bring you this innovative approach that complements all areas of physical training and incorporates a complete range of premium nutritional supplements accessible to everyone. 

It is Dorian’s own transformational journey and philosophy that drives our mission to help everyone change their game.

Our mission

Everyone can benefit from our game-changing knowledge and expertise of health and wellness by tapping into the accessible and unsurpassed wisdom of Dorian Yates.

Dorian’s knowledge and extensive experience have inspired us to create a range of products using the highest-quality ingredients to help customers maximize their own health and wellness journey.

Game Changing & Science-Focused Products 

Every ingredient in DY Nutrition formulas is supported by research and the thorough knowledge of our team of scientists and nutrition professionals.

We provide a complete range and system of the highest grade, scientifically engineered and third party tested nutritional supplements, suitable for optimising everyone’s personal fitness journey.

Quality ingredients

One of our core brand values is quality.

Here at DY Nutrition we ensure our Quality Systems are driven throughout each step of the development and production process, this is from raw material evaluation to fulfillment.

All products undergo laboratory testing to confirm the integrity and quality of each product. As a standard, several tests are implemented to support the validity and efficacy of raw material and final product.